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Sri G Mathi Vathanan, IAS Chairman
Data migration activity is ongoing now from earlier 'e-municipality' application to newly developed 'sujog' platform. Consumer data will be available from 00:01 hour of 16.09.2021. Till then water charges data collection by WATCO will remain suspended. Sorry for the inconvenience.|| RFP for Selection of Agency for Establishment of Public Health Engineering Laboratories for Testing and Quality Monitoring of Water & Waste Water on PPP Mode for period of 10 Years in 2 Public Health Divisions of Odisha – Keonjhar & Koraput. Stop illegal water sucking from pipe directly by using motor pump. This is unlawful and other consumers are suffering to get sufficient quantity of water for your unwanted behaviour.|| Water meter installation at household level is on at Bhubaneswar now. Extend help to WATCO Officials to fix the water meter at your residence. || For your complaint redressal please call 24 x 7 IVRS based centralized customer care Toll Free No. 155359 – resolving your issues just a call away.|| Manual cleaning of manholes and sewer lines has been banned by WATCO. We appeal to the public to bring it to the notice of WATCO if any such activity is going on through its Toll Free No. 155359.|| Water is precious, save water. WATCO is appealing to public to inform if any water wastage is happening through its Toll Free No. 155359.

vision and mission


Innovative and reliable service provider that ensures safe, economical and sustainable water supply and sewerage services for accomplishing the basic health and hygiene levels leading to socio-economic development of the community served.


WATCO is committed to provide the citizens high quality and reliable water in sufficient quantity, and treat the generated sewage to the required quality parameters.

  • Providing the customers high quality and reliable water in sufficient quantities
  • Treating the generated sewage to the required quality parameters and disposing the same safely
  • Providing the services in an equitable and sustainable manner
  • Adopting state-of-the-art technology and managing the resources in a responsible manner


  • Improved Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction
  • Full coverage and equity
  • Sustainability of services through full cost recovery
  • Professional, responsible and accountable management


  • Quality Drinking Water
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation & Creativity

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