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Water Corporation of Odisha

Sri G Mathi Vathanan, IAS Chairman
Stop illegal water sucking from pipe directly by using motor pump. This is unlawful and other consumers are suffering to get sufficient quantity of water for your unwanted behaviour.|| Water meter installation at household level is on at Bhubaneswar now. Extend help to WATCO Officials to fix the water meter at your residence. || For your complaint redressal please call 24 x 7 IVRS based centralized customer care Toll Free No. 155359 – resolving your issues just a call away.|| Manual cleaning of manholes and sewer lines has been banned by WATCO. We appeal to the public to bring it to the notice of WATCO if any such activity is going on through its Toll Free No. 155359.|| Water is precious, save water. WATCO is appealing to public to inform if any water wastage is happening through its Toll Free No. 155359.


Sl No Tender Title Documents Published Date Corrigendum Last Date Of Submission Status
Corr.No Date
1 Revival of existing GIS based asset and consumer database mapping system for Bhubaneswar GIS Tender 16-10-2020 2nd Corrigendum 12-11-2020 19-11-2020 Closed
Prebid Query Response 10-11-2020
2 Engineering and Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for the work of improvement of water supply to 24 X 7 Water supply in the selected 14 ULBs of Odisha MDWATCO-02/2020-20 11-05-2020 Cancellation of Tender 25-07-2020 25-06-2020 Cancelled
Notice-2114 29-05-2020
1st-Corrigendum-2133 29-05-2020
Notice-2080.pdf 23-05-2020
3 Empanelment of Consultancy firms for development of GIS based Asset Mapping and Management System for the Water Supply and Sewerage Infrastructures and Consumer Information in different ULBs of Odisha RFP-MDWATCO-01-202-20.pdf 05-05-2020 Bid-cancellation-2092 26-05-2020 27-05-2020 Cancelled
Pre-Bid-Clafification_2073.pdf 21-05-2020
Pre-bid-notice-1075 14-05-2020
1st-corrigendum-1010 07-05-2020
4 Notice Inviting Expression Of Interest (Eoi) For Appointment / Empanelment Of Chartered Accountant Firms For Internal Audit Or Any Other Assignment EOI-MDWATCO-03 01-05-2020 NA 20-05-2020 Closed
5 Expression of Interest (EOI) Invited From Manufacturers of Consumer Water Meters EOI-MDWATCO-01-19-20.pdf 17-03-2020 1st-corrigendum-763 31-03-2020 20-04-2020 Closed

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